Magic Beans!!!!

I couldn’t believe it when i met up with my friends the other day, i haven’t seen her since i got back from holiday, ( i was only away for 3 weeks!!),

she’s lost weight, i asked her what she’s been doing to lose so much weight in that short amount of time, as i just presumed that she had been hitting the gym all day everyday or had hired a personal trainer!!!

I was shocked when she said “oh i just have a coffee in a morning“,

yeah right….. some coffee with magical powers then, ?? so she showed me the packet and i read it for myself,

Helps Control Appetite – Promotes Healthy Brain Function – Regulates Fat Absorption, Regulates Sugar Absorption, Elevates Mood and is also an Antioxidant….. 

Well, i didn’t believe it.. so she said take some and give it a try, (well I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life) so i took the sachets and went on my way and never gave it another thought….

the following morning i decided rather than my usual cup of coffee i would try this ‘special coffee’ and see what happens, didn’t think it had made much difference at first but then at tea time i realised that i hadn’t been tempted to snack during the day, which was very odd!!,

the next day i tried it again, the same thing again, i tried this for about 5 days now, so i thought if this is supposed to be a magic coffee i should have lost some weight……

shocked wasn’t the word…. i had lost 5lb….. i couldn’t believe it, i hadn’t gone on a crash diet or resulted in juicing everything, just changed my coffee…. it was very weird,

so i have decided to have another go this week and see how much more i can lose…. as I’m due for hip and knee replacement surgery very soon so any weight loss will be very beneficial……

i was so excited that i called my husband and he is giving it a go this week, i bet it will turn into a competition as to who can lose the most weight!! lol

This is amazing i just love it….. have a look its free to look!!!! 

Magic Beans Coffee…….

What would you do??


If a brand new amazing store opened up right next to your house, and the owners of that store knocked on your door, and asked you this question:

Would you recommend our store to 6 of your friends? 

What would you do?

Would you ask what was in it for you, or would you just do it out of curiosity?

What if that same store owner came back to you a few days later, and asked you this question:

Would you recommend our store to 9 of your friends, and ask them to try our store and we will pay you £200 per month, plus we will give you a percentage of what you spend.?

What would you answer be this time? 

No matter if your a Family, a single parent, a single person living on their own, what would you do if you was asked these questions?

Would you say ‘No’ I’m happy not telling anyone about your store, and leave it at that?

or would you say,’Yes no problem, i know people who would try it, and if i was getting money to recommend it to them, thats a bonus for me?

What if that new store sold your favourite makeup, or your favourite fragrance, and you could purchase it cheaper would you choose to purchase from the new store or would you stick to your usual way, even though it would cost you more?

Even though if you recommended a few friends they would pay you for doing so, so that would make your favourite makeup or fragrance free……

So now what would you do?

Please comment below, will be interesting to see who would do what!





Magnolia House – website

Ive just completed the re-brand and update of the Magnolia House website

Why not check it out,   🙂


New Business Concept – is it really that easy???

This is a Brand New business that was only founded in February 2015.

There is NO Selling involved at all in this business.

The compensation /Bonus structure is unique and one of a kind:

Giving you 4 ways of getting paid.

The business is currently available in the UK and Northern Ireland & Scotland

It will be expanding into Southern Ireland, Spain, Holland, Germany & Spain in the next few months.

It is a business like no other.

The concept is a product that we ALL consume on a DAILY BASIS

Earn a share of the company profit.

The CEO will actually listen to what you have to say, and take ideas on board.

I believe that this company is one that is moving forward

Revolutionary and will change lives of those involved.

Start your change today, and change the world and your life tomorrow.


Simple answer to the title above, is it really that simple,

YES  it is, i have seen the people changing their lives, and also the income that they are now getting,

Would you like more information? even if you are in one of the countries that we are expanding to shortly,

why not get yourself in a position that when we do launch in your country that you are ready to change your life.

Start changing your life today!

want to know more – contact me



makeupnmore beauty

When ‘makeupnmore’ was updated i took a look at the latest offers…

gel shine

Sweep on long – lasting sophistication with these deliciously deep, oh-so-sultry shades. 10ml

 Dont Forget to add the top coat  to make your colour last TWICE  as long !

3 Gel Shine (Including the latest pastel colours) for £9!!! to name just one……

Plus many more amazing offers


With great offers like these on makeupnmore you would me crazy to not pop over and have a look at the many other products on offer!,

You can even now get direct delivery, so you can order today and get delivery to wherever you want, when it suits you!!

makeupnmore grab a cuppa and have a look .





Perfect Eyebrows?

Instinctively, you already know what I’m about to tell you. You struggle with this every morning before you go to work or every night before you go out on a date or to a dinner party.

Eyebrows can make or break your whole look. – see how to get the perfect look –Click Here!

The downside is that you might develop a few enemies.  Jealousy is a monster that strikes when you are feeling and looking your best. The best thing about jealousy is that it’s a “sign” that you shouldn’t ignore.  It tells you that you are doing something right.

The book i read will guarantee you that people will be coming up to you with more compliments than you’ve ever received, men will stare wordlessly into your eyes wondering why they’ve never noticed your beauty before and you will feel like the world rotates at your heels.

Eyes are the most important feature on your face. Your eyebrows are your eyes biggest supporter. That’s why some of us get frustrated and just shave our eyebrows off completely and start over with a pencil.

I Wish I Could See Your Eyebrows Right Now… I Bet You’ve Just Had an “Aha!” Moment… But It Gets Better

People are constantly watching your eyes. And your eyebrows help sell the impression that you want to give people.

“Learn everything there is to know about styling your eyebrows in reference to the shape of your face.” – Click Here!

Why go through the trouble and waste money when you can totally revamp the way you look just by playing around with your brows?

My goal was to make sure that no woman ever has trouble with her eyebrows again.

Get the look you want by knowing how to manage your eyebrows. 


FREE TIP: Curve shaped eyebrows can soften the sharp overall features on a square face. did you know that?????

if you fit into one of these groups:

  • You love looking great
  • You are a beautician
  • You do your own makeup
  • You want to make some extra money helping your friends look beautiful
  • You’ve suffer from alopecia
  • You’ve been in an accident or suffered some health issues that cause excessive thinning of the eyebrows
  • You struggle to get your eyebrows right when you’re putting on your makeup
  • You’re a healthcare provider and you want to help your patients feel better about themselves
  • You’re a girlie girl and you just have to know how to be even cuter.
  • You want to make yourself feel smarter and give your girls’ tips at your next girls’ night out event.

then you need to know how the celebs and the fabulous looking people get their unruly brows to look like they do!!! find out how………..

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Cream to Powder Foundation

Cream To Powder Foundation

Cream to Powder foundation,  is exactly what it says….. its a fabulous foundation that goes on as a cream so its easy to apply and easy to blend, with the light texture of a powder, which gives medium to full coverage and lasts for 8 hours!

Cream to Powder foundation looks invisible and feels perfectly natural, with its  INVISIBLEND TECHNOLOGY, Avon’s exclusive patent-pending technology with skin matching pigments in various sizes and shapes, softens light from every angle for perfectly invisible coverage.

Cream to Powder foundation covers imperfections while also creating a natural flawless look, it blends easily and gives a gorgeous luminous skin, its so simple to use,

Simply swipe on the cream to powder foundation and get a beautiful dewy finish in seconds, its lightweight and gives you a medium to a full coverage that feels natural so much so that once you have applied it you forget you are wearing foundation at all!!

Because of the lightness it does not settle into pores or lines, skin feels moisturised,  there is no colour fade during the day so you get a true colour for 8 hours, erases signs of fatigue,

Its so easy to apply :- Swipe on the Cream to Powder foundation using a circular motion, and blend with a foundation sponge (which is supplied in the compact)

To hide dark circles or spots, simply layer the foundation until you reach your desired coverage.

Want to try Cream to Powder foundation for yourself  – currently half price!!!!